But the heart remains true.
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I had a weird dream again (weird is so used in my posts neh?) but I can’t remember when exactly I had this dream. Oh well here it is..

It’s like the first day of school and I saw familiar faces etc. Oh yeah they are still my classmates. Anyway, what surprised me was ‘He’ was our teacher. First of all, I haven’t had an adviser who is a ‘He’ for my entire living (exaggerated much). Secondly, our advisers are mostly or I may say always a tle teacher, but ‘He’ is a math teacher, heck! Third, he’s the one I’m dreaming for to be our adviser even though it’s so close to impossible.. Fourth, the ‘He’ I’m talking about is my crush <yeah the teacher one, SJ> GOSH. TALK ABOUT WEIRD. O__________________O



Well. My <insert cursing> father, who i don’t know where and i don’t even care, just sent us money for enrollment. AND HECK, my tuition is like more or less 50K and that’s just MINE. Then he just sent 25K. What was that? After so so so many years he’ll just support our studies now? NOW? What the <insert cursing> did he just ate to do that? WELL THANKS FOR THE MONEY ANYWAYS. Even if that isn’t enough imma thank you for still sending money. Please continue it, sincerely me.

I mean our mom was the one who pay for our needs etc. with the help of our relatives *in my mom’s side* for like the past umm.. 5 years and counting. And what is my father doing you ask? He’s somewhere far.. i with a job.. forgetting us… If my mom didn’t even contacted him he’ll not show his presence. We just contact him online and not so long. Just conversations asking him his support for our education since my mom can’t afford it because of tuition fee hike. Our tuition fee was added like 10k more?  And that’s not all of it. We still have to buy books, school supplies, etc.  If he only knew how hard it was for our mother to work solely for her kids. Oh and did i ever mention that in our conversations he says that we are our mother’s children. Not that ‘you are my children’. Huh, i guess we don;t have a father then. I hope he realize how hard it was for us to have no father while we are growing up. How hard it was for mom to raise us alone. DO YOU EVEN HAVE WHAT WE CALL CONSCIENCE. I mean he went home here in the phils last Christmas and he didn’t even bother to look for us. I mean we’re still in the same house dude. He didn’t even showed us that he’s still <insert cursing> alive and breathing. You know just by looking at his profile you’ll know that he has lots of money and enjoying himself with luxury and us here suffering.. In our convo he mentioned that he’ll send money when he gets paid and right the money came not too long ago. A miracle right? I mean the last time he send us money was like what? when i was a gradeschooler and what am i now? About to finish highschool dude. And he even said the last time that he’ll continue to support us but what, he just remembered that when we tried to connect with him. I just hope he continue that deed so that he can do something nice. And o yeah when he asked me for my number i lied that i don’t have a cellphone, i don’t want him to bother me. And he said he’ll send me a phone. OWEH? Where is it now? Please don’t promise such if you won’t keep it. Even if people say that promises are meant to be broken. This is not only about the cellphone but with his other promises. I’m not that shallow to be mad at him for a phone you know.


I GOT CHUUUUU UNDAH MY SKINNN~ Well. DBSK under my skin. Meh. Sounds perverted pweh. I kinda miss school.. DID I JUST SAY THAT?! =)))) I miss my classmates now that mostly of them will be unreachable after our graduation. Then some are leaving already before this school year. Oh why u transfer before graduation?! WAE??! I IZ ZAD :( And graduation.. Ah so fast, imma cry. Ah Ah! That reminds me of an exo song entitled “Baby don’t cry”. I there a full version of it already? Wei, fangirl alert ^~^ 

Someone: You’re getting of the topic

Me: Oh! Sorry~ Back to the “I kinda miss school” moment a while ago. I miss how they say “NO CLASSES YIPPIE” or “SUSPENDED WOAH” or even when they say “Any homeworks?” “Can i ask you this question?” “TEACH ME” or even there cursing. Yeah i kinda miss that. You all know that highschool’s the best right? or am i wrong? ANYWHO. I finished the sequel to Living with the famous idiots, the No other than these famous idiots.. After days of cramming while reading it MEHEHE.

Someone: What does the title Mirotic had to do with this?

Me: Well you someone! Please listen to the song.. It’s so catchy~ I GOT CHUUUU UNDAH MY SKINNN!

Someone: Oright oright! Just stop singing.

Me: No i can’t i’m a fangirl.


Me: Fine. Pfshhh.. WAIT WAIT WHO ARE YOU?? HEY STILL THERE? Psh. Nevermind. Let’s go back to track. Omo, i can’t accept this i’m graduating next year ToT Well if i’m going to graduate that is.. Heck, of course i will.  I don’t know yet what to take in college. And i’m thinking if i will catch up with the 12 year basic education but with me graduating highschool next year.. that’s impossible. But somehow i would like to be part of 12 year basic education. I f they just implemented that before i am even born. WHY YOU SAY? I want to spend my time studying. You think i’m a genius? OH NO! I just like to savour my teenage years by spending it with friends longer and if we study longer we’ll be much more professional with whatever job we would apply for. BUT YEAH. WE’RE NOT AFFECTED SO Y SO DRAMA.

Someone: Yes. Too much drama you say.

Me: Oh. So you’re still there.


A Summer School Thing

Yes. Indeed my joke in my previous post, i guess that was entitled as ”Why did i fall in love with you”, came true. Shocks, i shouldn’t have posted that one. Anyways, this is it.. I attended advance classes together with my honor buddies. And so we started to go to school last week and ended it today. I experienced what it’s like to cut classes.. LOL EVIL ME.. The class is very fun tho excluding the fast lessons.

Here’s the juicy part.. I saw my crush (SJ) last monday and he’s wearing white polo *u* *blush* *blush*. Then last wednesday, when we’re about to cut I saw him once again as he entered one of the offices *u* BUT ONLY TWICE HUHUHU :’(

You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now.

And again, i had a weird dream, very very to the highest level weird tho i barely remember what happened. Mixed happenings in my dream:

  • We’re going to watch a movie, i guess?
  • My dream contains suspense and horror. Yeah with ghosts and kinds..
  • There’s also a love story..
  • I don’t know exactly what happened..
  • It’s fine. I can get over it.

WHY IS THAT ALL MY DREAMS VERY WEIRD THESE PAST FEW NIGHTS/DAYS (last night or should I say i slept at nearly 5 in the morning- that’s just a while ago)


fangirl mode: On

I woke up next to Donghae in the sleeping bag and remembered that last night we made love then suddenly, he hugged me tightly.

i won’t go back to my ex

If i possibly have one, lol. I don’t even have a boyfriend or had one. I WON’T GO BACK TO MY EX, this i promise. I just don’t know why i said that but..*thinking* I don’t want to look desperate and be clingy to an ex, yuck!

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